About Bee

I love to make music.

When I sing, it opens my heart.

And when I sing for you and with you – love is flowing.

Because whenever I sing or play the violin, I feel so connected to the universe, to the universal love energy or whatever you wish to call it – and it starts spreading until the room is filled with joy, tears, peace and love.

I have held many Kirtans or Chanting Meditations in my life, also at Earthsong, where we were surely 200 people in a tent without a microphone – and hey it was divine singing with you all!

Playing and singing and holding the space with my wonderful soulmate friend Helen is a gift for me. We recorded the first CD together (Blue Kirtan). Due to time and space issues I have created the second one (Green Kirtan) on my own, holding Helen in my heart.

I wish you all peace and love and hope that my music contributes to your happiness.

Lots of Love

Bee xx